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Inspiring Leadership and Transforming Community Culture Through Meaningful Connection.

Shane has spent the last eight years working with young people around the world — from the United States and Canada, to Mexico and Malaysia. As Founder and CEO of Count Me In, Shane is the creative strategist and visionary behind the world’s largest youth-run organization that has impacted over 10-million youth in over 100 countries. Born out of Shane’s own challenges and experiences in school, Count Me In inspires youth to be positive change agents in their community. Once socially isolated, Shane is now a globally celebrated youth advocate and motivational force, seizing every opportunity to energize and empower students. Through immersive storytelling, humour and courageous vulnerability, Shane invites students into his world and helps them discover that their impact and success truly is limitless, regardless of age or circumstance. From leadership conferences to campus events, Shane’s thought provoking message will transform the way students see themselves and interact within your school, and community.


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State of New Jersey: Department of Education
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Model United Nations
The American School Foundation
US College Expo
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