Being A Teen Is Tough Enough…
This Entertaining Video Series, Designed By A Team Of Youth Experts AND Comedy Writers, Will Help Your Teen Flourish In High School And Beyond!


Being A Teen Is Tough Enough…
This Entertaining Video Series, Designed By A Team Of Youth Experts AND Comedy Writers, Will Help Your Teen Flourish In High School And Beyond!




Building Confidence & Self-Esteem

Practical Strategies to Overcome Stress & Pressure

Motivating Yourself & Others

Setting Goals & Following Through

Avoiding Burnout

Taking Responsibility & Making Wise Choices


6 High Quality Video Lessons

Summarized Video Notes for Teen

Accompaniment Video for Parent

Unlimited Access

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STUDENTS who want to take control of their future.

PARENTS who want to see their kid build the skills and confidence to succeed.

SCHOOLS & ORGANIZATIONS looking for a relatable life-skills curriculum.


Armed with empowering knowledge, your son or daughter can easily make the leap to being confident, engaged in school, and self-reliant. With the right information, they CAN set themselves up for a life full of positivity and success.

The trick is: That information has to be delivered in the right voice, at the right time… by the right person. That’s why I created this video mentorship series for teens.

No matter how healthy your relationship is with them, no matter how much you love your kid, they sometimes just can’t or won’t hear you.

It’s not that they don’t trust you.

It’s just that — at this point in their lives — your kids are hard-wired to be more interested in (and influenced by) what their peers think than what you think.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to help someone you love
who just won’t listen to you.

Still, you’re looking to connect more deeply with your teen, and help them navigate the tough and wonderful experience of growing up.

You know you can’t “tell them what to do,” because they’ll just tune you out and slip back into their phone.
You want to make sure your teen is on a path that won’t lead to disengagement. Depression. Drugs.

Or being bullied, like the more than 3 million kids who are bullied at school every year…
Or dropping out of school, like more than 1 million kids do every year…
Or spending hours and hours staring at a screen instead of making friends…
Or hurting themselves or someone else…

Let me be clear. This mentorship program isn’t for “at-risk youth”.  It’s for all youth.

This is a program for teens who are full of potential and who would benefit from friendly guidance that helps them shape that potential.

We’re helping them find the right path for them and giving them the tools to stay on it.

In my view, that makes this video mentorship program for all teens.

Share the lifelong gifts of positivity & confidence

“Shane is a living example that following your dreams pays off no matter your age.”
-Hailey S. Student (Age 16)

How The Mentorship Program Works

As soon as you purchase, you’ll get instant access to the full library of videos.

Your teen can watch the videos in our suggested sequence, or bounce around depending on what’s resonating most.

Each video includes simple action steps that your teen will be able to start implementing right away, plus short, fun exercises to help them apply what they’ve learned.

My aim is to plant little seeds that they’ll be thinking about as they go about their day.

And by the end of the program, with a little luck (and your support), those seeds will be well on their way to flourishing.

“Thanks to Shane, the popular image of teenagers as sullen, self-absorbed and disengaged is taking a serious hit.”
-Kim H. Parent

Here’s What I’ll Guide Your Teen Through…

  • Confidence & Self-EsteemGive your teen the baseline they need to stay true to themselves, resist peer pressure, and avoid crumbling under criticism from their peers (and well-meaning but overbearing authority figures).
  • Stress & PressureModern life is a pressure-cooker, especially in this age of social media and constant connection. The pressure is especially intense for teens, who are dealing with surging hormones and emotions, and new educational and social challenges.
  • Motivation (Self & Others)Finding and focusing on a reason to get up and face the day is tough. By learning to stay engaged, your teen can boost their productivity, as well as that of their peers, raising the bar for their entire group.
  • Goals & Follow-ThroughThe ability to set goals and follow through is what sets top performers apart. It’s a simple concept, though not one that teens tend to naturally consider. Learning to set goals early in life is a powerful foundation for whatever comes next.
  • Avoiding BurnoutAlthough burnout is something you might equate with adulthood, the seeds are sown during these formative teenage years. This is where performance and learning habits are set, so it’s crucial to help set them in a way that’s healthy and sustainable.
  • Responsibility & RespectNothing improves a teen’s fulfillment in life more than accepting responsibility for their own actions, failures, and triumphs. Beginning to foster a sense of respect for themselves and the world around them leads them to greater personal success.

It’s Like Having a Personal Mentor Who Really Understands Your Teen — No Matter Where Your Family Lives 

If I could work one-on-one with your teen, I would. In a heartbeat.

Since I graduated, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some truly incredible young people.

And I’ve been able to work one-on-one with many of them — helping them shine a light on their gifts and supporting them through their challenges.

But I can’t mentor every teen in person (at least, not until they invent human cloning).

So instead, I created this program.

In it, I’m sharing everything I wish I’d known back then.

Everything I wish someone had told or shown me, when I was a teenager going through the usual tough adjustments of growing up.

And I’m sharing things that my own loving parents did share with me… but which I just couldn’t hear because they were coming from a source I wasn’t able to listen to.

I never want another kid to feel left out, the way I felt in high school. (Scroll down to read more about that story.)

This Mentorship Series DOESN’T Feel Like School 

This program isn’t a prescription. It’s not an assignment.

It’s not just one more thing your teen has to take on (to the tune of a big sigh and maybe an eye-roll or two)…

It’s designed to support teens as they discover and explore their own ideas and interests and friend groups.

My videos are fun to watch (promise). They’re lighthearted. I might even call them funny 😉

But all the same, everything in these videos comes from a place of honesty and genuine care for your teen’s happiness, self-esteem, and well-being.

Like you, I see your teen’s truly unlimited potential.

Like you, I want to help them unlock that power.

Will you let me?

“Shane, you have inspired me in a way that is not possible to explain.”
-Avery H. Student (Age 14)

You Might Be Wondering…

How do I get my teen to try watching the series? Anything I suggest is automatically “uncool”.
If your teen tends to resists your recommendations, don’t push. Give them a chance to explore the videos on their own. I’ll take it from there. 🙂

How are the videos delivered?
Your teen can log in to watch the videos anywhere, anytime, on any device. We supply a recommended sequence, but each video works on its own to deliver the messages your teen needs to hear.

How long is each video?
About 6 minutes — long enough to deliver the message, but not so long that your teen will lose interest.

Is this a subscription?No! This is lifetime access. Your teen can watch the videos as many times as they want — and the videos will be here whenever they want to come back.

I Want to Help Your Teen Succeed…
But I Can’t Do It Without Your Help


The fact that you’re here right now proves that you care about giving your teen the tools he or she needs to succeed.

A lot of parenting teens is about worrying. Worrying that you’re not connecting with your teen, worrying that you can’t provide the resources they need to truly thrive…

But trying to get through to your teen is a struggle.

You’ve spent your whole life teaching them right from wrong. And now that they’re on the brink of becoming independent, it’s hard for them to admit they still need your help.

Let me help.

In every video of the program, I’ll give your teen the same guidance and advice you’d be giving them.

But — partly and simply because I’m not you — they’ll be more open to hearing those messages from me.

Why did I create this video mentorship series?

Because I know firsthand what it’s like to struggle with fitting in, with growing up. With finding where I fit in and truly valuing what I could contribute.

When I first got to high school, I expected it to be an incredible experience. Instead, I was horribly lonely.

Every day when I got to school, I hoped desperately that it would be different. That I wouldn’t have to sit alone at lunch. That I’d finally feel like I belonged.

But nothing changed.

Finally, at my mom’s urging, I went to see my guidance counselor. Truthfully, I was hoping to transfer to another school.

Instead of transferring me, though, my counselor enrolled me in five student groups and activities. And I started to thrive… (but that’s a different — and much happier — story).

That life-changing experience allowed me to discover what I was meant to do: work with incredible young adults around the world.

I truly cherish the opportunity to help you guide and mentor your teen. Let’s do this. I can’t wait.

“Shane’s meaningful and thought-provoking words acted as a catalyst for important conversations. Definitely worth the investment.”
-Tracey R. Parent