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The Secret Life of Teenagers: Influencing This Generation

It is harder to be a teenager today than ever before and Shane Feldman understands this struggle first hand, after embarking on a 2-year study that sent him back to high school, undercover as a student, to gain insight into teenagers, their behavior, and the universal challenges they are facing as a generation. Perhaps the most informative and in-depth research project America’s education sector has ever seen, this presentation chronicles Shane’s journey, and clearly outlines what parents and teachers need to know in order to give their teens the support they need.

Designed intentionally for elementary and high school teachers, board administrators, and PTO’s, this program has the power to shift the way you interact with your students. If a culture’s best natural resource is the potential of its young people, then Shane’s insights and stories will help everyone who cares about youth — from principals to policy makers — gain invaluable insight into the hidden social and psychological worlds of the next generation. Shane’s findings, if we listen, can open the door to have honest conversations about the problems facing today’s youth and dialogue about effective, real world steps adults can take to truly help teens reach their fullest potential.


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