Discovered While Filming A&E’s Docuseries UNDERCOVER HIGH

Who is Shane Feldman?

Shane Feldman is a renowned youth advocate, motivational speaker, producer and social entrepreneur. He appears in the groundbreaking A&E docuseries UNDERCOVER HIGH.

As an expert on the power of positivity and human potential, Shane travels the globe sharing his story, inspiring corporate and educational audiences to create an inclusive culture of connection, and helping them uncover their value and potential.

As Founder and CEO of COUNT ME IN, Shane is the creative strategist and visionary behind the world’s largest youth-run organization that has impacted over 10-million youth in over 100 countries. Over the past decade, the organization has inspired tens of thousands of youth-led volunteer projects, equating to over 100-million hours of community service, worth $2.4 billion.

Shane is a survivor of betrayal, rejection, and social isolation. His world opened up and took shape after he stopped searching outside himself for answers, and instead took action. Shane’s driving purpose is to help uncover every person’s passion, motivation and courage. He has appeared on national media, was recognized by The United Nations Youth Assembly and the President’s volunteer initiative, Serve.Gov, and was named on Youth In Motion’s 20 Under 20 list.


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